Sunday, December 6, 2009


Welcome to my first blog post! Never thought I would do a blog - but here I am! A little about myself - I live in Minnesota and am engaged to a wonderful guy who supports all my somewhat crazy endeavors. We both love to travel and experience new things. I have become enthralled with sewing (something I always thought I could never do after many failed attempts in middle school and high school). Maybe with age I gained the patients needed. Aside from sewing, I enjoy remodeling and decorating our home, cooking and gardening. At our house, we always seem to end up in what seems like an episode of This Old House! Did you know that the website is a lifesaver!

Creative activities give me a great outlet from my everyday work.

I hope to keep this blog updating with the new stuff in our lives (probably some wedding planning for the next few months) as well as some of my new creations!

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